Peloton Vs Soulcycle : Is Soulcycle The Same As Peloton?

Peloton Vs Soulcycle

If you have never been to a class where both the workout and the beats ensure that you get through the class and anticipate for the next, then you don’t know what you are missing. More confusing is the range of indoor workout bikes that will offer you this experience.

Like these two expensive and classy bikes, Peloton and SoulCycle; what really is the difference? And why would one choose one over the other, if the experience is the same? Sshhh! Who said that the experience is the same? The main reason you can actually get them differently is simply because they are different.

Peloton Vs SoulCycle? Head To Head Comparison

So, we have compiled a head to head comparison between the two exercise bikes. Therefore, get ready to make a choice, especially if you felt stranded. You will not only get the differences, but also the similarities, so that your decision will be fully informed.

About SoulCycle

SoulCycle is an indoor stationary bike that is powered by Variis, a specialist company in indoor workouts. When you buy the SoulCycle bike, you will have to register with Variis to get the SoulCycle classes. A touchscreen that comes in the bike package will ensure that you participate in all Variis classes that you desire.

About Peloton

Peloton is an indoor stationary bike by Peloton. Actually, taking the larger fan base and among the most popular indoor workout bikes. It comes with a touchscreen, from which you are able to stream peloton classes. The classes are either live or archived, so you can suit yourself.

Main Strength Of Peloton

Peloton has a community that you can fully interact with. Actually, you can even high five a friend or give them a thumbs up during the sessions, making them more enjoyable.

Peloton offers a Leaderboard, where your metrics reflect to compare with other like riders. If you have friends you want to start workouts with, or if competition drives your adrenaline, Peloton is the best chance that you can have.

Main Strength Of SoulCycle

SoulCycle may not be as interactive as peloton, but the fun comes in from the music beats. Want to hear music that absolutely rhymes with what you do, guiding you through every spinning step that you take? SoulCycle is the perfect workout bike for you.

Peloton Cost

Peloton will cost you $1,495, which includes delivery and installation. Then there are the live classes, which do not even have a trial. You will need to pay a subscription of $39 to access them. However, the Peloton workout stores are open for all its users.

SoulCycle Cost

Did you have a shock reading about Peloton costs? You must probably already know to research for it, as it is general knowledge that Peloton is quite expensive. But you are yet to see how much you need part with for a SoulCycle experience. SoulCycle costs $2500, and its classes will cost you $40 per month. Moreover, you have to commit to a subscription of 1 year for a start.

About Peloton Classes

Peloton classes are so many that you cannot exhaust them. Whether archived or live, you have the opportunity to explore thousands of classes. With a premium subscription, you decide who you want to be your instructor, which class you want and what time you want to be in session. Even if you want to be in session for more than once in a day, you have that choice.

About SoulCycle Classes

SoulCycle does not have as many classes as peloton. However, you have an opportunity to get over 150 classes, from which you can choose your favorite.

Better still, with SoulCycle you can browse classes from recommended workout brands such as Equinox, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Myodetox, and also Headstrong, other than SoulCycle classes. You will decide on your instructor and your class also.

Let’s See a Table for More Comparison: Peloton vs SoulCycle



Structure and dimensions

48 x 24 x 60 inches (Length x width x height)

The weight of the bike, together with the touchscreen is 


62.2 x 22.2 x 53.5 inches (length x width x height)

The height is 142lbs, the tablet included.

 Music in sessions 
 With music from Spotify and Apple Store, you decide on the music that you want to listen to, regardless of the workout session.  Music has to rhyme with the specific workout that you engage in. actually, SoulCycle will gauge your performance based on how much you can coordinate your moves with the music.
 Delivery is free after paying for the bike. The bike comes pre-installed, so you don’t have to think about assembly.  Delivery is included in the bike payment. The bike is also pre-assembled, so assembly will not be among your worries after delivery.

You cannot exceed 300lbs body weight on a peloton.

Kids are limited, with the recommended weight being 4’11 ft for the minimum height user.


If your weight exceeds that of a peloton bike user but not more than 350lbs, a SoulCycle is suitable.

You have to be of the height of 4’11ft and above to ride on the bike.

 The screen is 22 inches, and it comes with the bike. Bluetooth and other wireless devices are compatible with the screen.  The screen is 21.5 inches, compatible with Bluetooth devices. You can also use other wireless connections such as Wi-Fi with the screen.
 Powering Company 
Peloton Variis
Fortunately for you, peloton has a financing program. If you can’t pay the $2245 at a go, then you can pay $58 every month for 39months. No additional cost or interest necessary. And that is how you will still own the bike despite not having all the money at once. You have to pay the whole amount at a go. You have to save up to get the SoulCycle bike.

Bottom Line

Despite really trying to give the differences between the bikes, the bottom line is that the best bike is personal choice. Peloton may have a larger fan base by far in comparison to SoulCycle, but it doesn’t mean that SoulCycle is any less. It still has its share of ‘die-hards’. All you have to do is get down into paper what you really want in an exercise bike.

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