Peloton Strive Scores; All the Things You Need to Know

Peloton Strive Scores

Peloton introduced a new feature during the Peloton Homecoming on May 2021, among other features, Peloton Strive Score. It brings in a new aspect to Peloton, rather than the apparent competitive nature. True, it has a competitive aspect, but it is against yourself.

Peloton strive score is a feature on Peloton that allows you to compete against yourself across all the workouts on Peloton. The sort that you find on Orangetheory? Actually, you will get a whole Orangetheory experience on Peloton if you incorporate strive scores in your tread or bike Bootcamps. Essentially, the workout output is based on your heart rate. 

But is the strive score worth it, and how does it work anyway? Read on!

Is Peloton Strive Score Available on the Digital App?

Of course, it is. Peloton strive score is available for both the digital app and equipment users on Peloton. Therefore, everyone gets the opportunity to get away from the competitive world whenever they need a ‘me’ time on Peloton. 

How Peloton Strive Score Works

Basically, Strive Score will measure how much effort you put in every workout on Peloton. It works by tracking the duration you spend in a heart rate zone in every workout, even those not in power zones such as Bootcamp, strength, and HIIT.

You simply need a Peloton compatible heart rate monitor. If you have a Peloton tread or bike, a heart rate monitor, either Ant+ or Bluetooth compatible, will be great. For the app users, you can get a heart rate monitor that is compatible with your gadgets. In most cases, Bluetooth heart rate monitors will do.

Peloton Strive Score Vs. the Leaderboard

It is evident that the new feature is almost the opposite of the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is impressive, and among the significant reasons, people fall for Peloton. But, unfortunately, not everyone is into the feature.

One thing remains constant, though; everyone wants to improve their fitness condition on Peloton. If the Leaderboard is not for you, then the Strive Score is for you. You will still manage to push yourself, but without comparing yourself to anyone. 

After all, you may have a particular condition that makes it quite challenging to compete against others, such as a recovering injury or another health condition. Nevertheless, the Strive Score allows you to only work out within the ranges that your heart can handle.

How to Use Peloton Strive Score

First, connect your heart rate monitor to the Peloton touchscreen or app. Once you establish the connection and the heart rate monitor starts showing, the Strive Score starts showing, at 0 scores. But, of course, you haven’t worked out yet.

Once you start working out, the strive scores rise with your heart rate. Therefore, it will take a different color for every power zone, giving you motivation. Power zone? Yes, Peloton has power zones, which indicate how much you work out against what your heart is capable of. Please read our detailed guide on power zones here. You will also get an insight on how to get your personal heart rate zones.

On the other hand, Peloton has a maximum heart rate set for you even without the Power Zones. It uses your age to calculate the approximate maximum heart rate. You can use the fixed heart rate on your profile, or you can adjust it to suit what you feel you are capable of. Besides, you can constantly readjust the maximum heart rate whenever you think it is best.

If you haven’t taken the FTP test and don’t intend to, the latter is used. Your age will determine your Strive Score. Or, you can adjust it as per your wish.

Whether you are working out on strength, Bootcamp, or your bike, the heart rate will ensure that you have it all tracked. The Strive Score will rise from zero as you work out, pushing through different heart rate zones depending on how much effort you put.

Surprisingly, your Strive Score actually shows on the Leaderboard. Therefore, you can also filter the Leaderboard to see how your friends are doing in their Strive Scores. You don’t like others invading your ‘newly found privacy’? Well, in this case, go to the settings and click on the check box on Strive Scores to opt-out of your metrics on the Leaderboard. Then, no one will see how you are doing.

Final Thoughts

Peloton Strive Scores? This is the best way to ride in your own world on Peloton. No Leaderboard to pressure you, just you and your heart rate. However, this does not mean that you will work out less. With the heart rate zones in place, of course, you will want to hit the highest or at least 80% of your maximum heart rate workout.

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