Peloton Bike or Tread; Which Equipment Is Suitable for You?

You must already love the Peloton workouts, and of course, are into both running and cycling to be torn between the bike and the tread. After all, both are excellent cardio pieces of equipment, and they allow you into the immense experience that Peloton has to offer.

While it is perfectly human to wonder which type of equipment is suitable for you, I have laid down the essential features that differentiate them. Then, your decision will be much easier.

Peloton Bike vs. Tread

1. Workout Goals

What are your workout goals on Peloton? Do you want more upper body toning or lower body toning? Do you aim to shed those excess calories that give you a shape you don’t appreciate?

Go for the Peloton bike if you want to tone your quads, glutes, and general leg muscles. It will help you shed off the excess fat on the calves and thighs, then offer you the athletic leg outlook that you desire.

Moreover, the bike facilitates leg muscle strength, which is necessary for stability and outlook.

While the bike is a great idea for shedding weight, the treadmill helps shed the weight faster. Within an hour of intensive workout, one sheds approximately 300 to 500 calories per hour on the bike. Likewise, you will shed approximately 400 to 700 calories on the tread in an hour of intensive running or climbing.

Furthermore, the tread is an excellent option when you are targeting the upper body. Running, walking, and climbing on the tread will see you have a flatter core faster than the bike, and you will tone the arms faster as well.

Therefore, depending on your workout goal, you will easily choose between the bike and the tread. The bike wins for lower body goals, while the tread is a winner with upper body goals.

2. Injury -conscious

Do you tend to end up with an injury after a period of working out? For example, is your knee meniscus wearing out already? Are you healing from an injury?

The Peloton bike has been ranked among the best in facilitating knee and feet recovery while preventing chances of injury.

The exercise bike is low-impact, or at least with lower impact exercises compared to the tread. Therefore, it is better for recovery and preventing injury.

Moreover, seniors can comfortably ride the bike without the fear of joint, foot, and knee pain. Therefore, for the seniors, the bike is recommended.

For people who are completely new to indoor exercises, the tread can be risky. One can easily trip and fall while the exercise machine continues to run, leading to injury. However, the bike has fewer accident cases, which is easier to control and manage even as a beginner.

After all, if you are a beginner, it would be healthier to start with low-impact workouts. And between the Peloton bike and tread, the bike will give you low-impact options.

3. Cost

The Peloton bike costs $1495, while the bike plus costs $2495. However, the tread costs $2495, and it is the cheapest tread option with Peloton.

And while the Peloton bike is way cheaper, the tread costs just as much as the bike plus. Therefore, unless you buy the standard Peloton bike, the cost is no longer a challenge with the Peloton Tread.

4. The Peloton Users You in Your Household

While you may be the primary user of the Peloton equipment, it is necessary to consider other users in the house as well. Remember that with the Peloton tread or bike, you can have multiple accounts.

Thus, if a tread is the best option for you all, you might consider it. If the bike favors everyone, going for it will be more advantageous.

5. Equipment Footprint

The footprint may not be a big deal, but it is considered when you have limited space. If you need the most compact peloton equipment, you can get it for your tight space, and the Peloton bike is the best option. It takes less space compared to the treadmill.

6. Peloton Subscription

Peloton has an unlimited subscription membership for all equipment owners, which costs $39 per month. So whether you use the equipment alone or with other members in the house, the cost remains the same. Also, you have free access to the Peloton digital app as you are part of the all-access membership.

The best part of the deal is that you don’t have to choose your equipment based on the subscription. So whether you have the tread or the bike, the cost remains.

7. Just Ride/ Just Run Feature

Amazingly, when you have the Peloton bike or tread, you will have an option to work out without a subscription. You can just cancel the month’s subscription when you feel that you will be too busy for a subscription.

With a tread, you will enjoy the Just Run workouts while you have the option for the Just Ride feature with the bike. Hence, whether you have a Peloton bike or tread, you get a loophole for workouts without subscription fees for as long as you want.

8. The Touchscreen Size

Do you think that the Peloton bike has a large screen, at 23.5 inches? Unfortunately, you haven’t encountered the Peloton tread plus screen, which is 32 inches. But since the tread plus is still off the market currently, we can talk of the standard Peloton tread, which has a touchscreen as large as the peloton bike plus screen.

9. Special Shoes

I love the Peloton tread because you can use it with your typical running shoes once you purchase it. Actually, you could run barefoot on the tread, but it is not healthy.

On the contrary, you don’t have such liberty with the Peloton bike. Instead, you have to either purchase special clip-in shoes for the clipless pedals or buy toe clips to enjoy cycling in your regular sports shoes.

On the bright side, I must admit that owning a pair of clip-in shoes for the Peloton bike feels good. Although you feel you have specific shoes for the workout platform, you have been dying to join the full force.

So, Peloton Bike or Tread?

Whether you choose the Peloton bike or tread is up to you. Not long ago, the cost of the tread was too high for most people. However, with the introduction of the cheaper $2495 option, you can now go for what you really want, the price aside. And if cost really is your issue, the standard Peloton bike is currently $1495. And with either the Peloton bike or tread, Peloton offers payment plan options.

As for the workouts, both equipment options are great cardio pieces of equipment. When upper body toning and weight loss are your goals, the Peloton read is what you really need. On the other hand, when lower body strength and endurance are your preference for the Peloton bike.

Parting Shot

Peloton bike and tread are actually the two equipment option that Peloton has today. This means that you enjoy Peloton workouts optimally with either. Now, it is up to you to decide which piece of equipment favors you most. After all, there is a price reduction on both, not to mention the payment plan option.

So, shall we get onto your most suitable Peloton equipment?

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