How to Use Peloton Bike or Tread Without Subscription?

How to Use Peloton Without Subscription

How to use peloton without subscription? Is it even possible? In essence, you actually don’t need a subscription to access peloton if you already bought the peloton bike or tread. Accessing the innumerable on-demand classes from the peloton archives for you will be totally free of charge.

Then why does one need the subscription? With the bike or tread, peloton brings you a greater number of a full immersion experience into peloton. You can access live classes at the time that best suits your schedule, and with an instructor that you prefer most. Then there are the live metrics that you get recorded in the app, hence putting you on the leaderboard.

Peloton Bike or Tread?

The peloton bike allows you to undertake spinning workouts, while the tread gives you an opportunity to run or walk on the equipment. While the bike goes for $2245, the peloton treadmill is worth $4295. So, if going with cost, then the bike is more efficient.

Nevertheless, you can carry out a wider range of activities on the treadmill compared to the bike.

Shall we dive into the main topic on how to use peloton without subscription?

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How to Use Peloton Bike or Tread without Subscription: Step by Step Guide

So, here is an absolute guide on how you will get the on-demand classes from your peloton touchscreen. If you are still thinking of buying the equipment, it is good to note that both the bike and the tread come with the touchscreen. More importantly, note that the on-demand classes are just like the live classes, the only difference being that the former is recorded.

You will need:

  • Internet
  • Your workout equipment to go with the bike, such as the HRM, earphones among others.

Step 1: Powering On the Touchscreen

Put the power cord into the power jack, which is at the rear of your peloton bike or tread. Then, you can connect the power supply to the socket, which will turn the LED light green.

Check a power button at the rear of the touchscreen, and press it to power on the screen. WiFi networks will show when the screen is on, and you can select yours. Enter the password, and save it for an easier connection in subsequent times.

Step 2: Access the On-Demand Classes

Since you are not interested in any subscription, you don’t have a reason to register your account. So, head straight to the on-demand classes.

Tap on them, and a spectrum of classes will show on the screen. There are the tread and spinning classes, but they don’t stop there: you will also get yoga, meditation, outdoor cycling, running among others.

The better part of the deal is that each of your selection will be saved so that they come on your screen for suggestions each time you want to access the sessions.

There are thousands of on-demand classes, so you will not fall short of options just because you do not have a subscription.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Session

Select the workout you want to venture into, and start it off. You can repeat the same type of workout over time, or use the opportunity to explore as many as possible.

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Can You Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

Sure, you have the option to use the peloton bike without a subscription. Read on!

Already bought the peloton bike and the high cost drained you? wondering how you will now manage the quite expensive cost of subscription? You have a choice.

With the peloton bike subscription, you will have access to both on-demand and live classes. You will get to interact with your instructor, ask questions and even get personal instructions. The best part is that the subscription will have your metrics recorded, hence you will appear on the leaderboard.

The all access subscription ensures that you enjoy everything there is about peloton bike workouts. And not just that, you can also access the other available classes, including yoga, running, walking, bootcamp, meditation outdoor running and strength workouts.

Unfortunately, most of these luring features will be available after a $39 monthly subscription. The good news is that you can get the on-demand classes without an extra cent.

Not to mention that the classes are so many you cannot exhaust. All you need is personal discipline, since you will not have anyone to compete with, neither an instructor hard on your heels. Think you can do that? Then scour through the peloton archives for all the classes that you desire.

On top of that, the classes have an instructor, just like the live classes. The only difference is that without the subscription you will not get the interaction, since the classes are recorded. Actually, you can even record real time data for your own records. This will help with the performance. Even if not competing with the rest, you have the metrics to improve on or keep up with every time you are on your bike.

Better still, you have the opportunity to engage on off-bike exercises even without the subscription. Furthermore, you can decide to start with workouts that are less demanding to those that are highly intensive, from yoga to outdoor running.

Using Miracast, you can easily cast the workouts from the touchscreen to the tv, laptop or any other device that you will be comfortable with when off the bike. Then, you can enjoy the array of workouts there is about peloton.

Can You Use Peloton Tread Without Subscription?

Of course, you can use the peloton treadmill even if you don’t make the monthly subscription. Let’s see how you can run and walk on the tread without the $39 monthly payment.

Decided on the tread? More expensive than the bike, you have all the reasons not to start with a subscription, or to skive one once in a while. The good part about peloton equipment, whether the bike or the tread, is that today you can decide to pay for it for a duration. With an allowance of 39 months, you can purchase the tread at your convenience, so that you don’t have to save a whole $4295 for a single purchase.

Once you purchase the peloton tread, it comes with the touchscreen. With this touchscreen, you don’t have to make a subscription to access peloton workouts. As a matter of fact, the peloton monthly subscription is voluntary.

Just like with the bike, the peloton tread requires a monthly subscription of $39. With the subscription, you become an all access user. This means that you not only get to choose a class, instructor and music, but you also have your metrics recorded. You can compete with like users and even friends. Actually, it becomes more interesting when you even get an opportunity for online hi-fives with peloton friends

Nevertheless, the fun should also come at your convenience. If all you want with the peloton tread are workouts and nothing more, then on-demand classes are a great choice. Besides, you will not need a subscription to access the classes.

Curious for the better news? You will access just about any class that you want from peloton, even if the classes are not live. Moreover, you can access workouts that are off tread. Whether you want to cycle, run outdoors, be in a meditation or a yoga class, the choice will be yours. You have the freedom, as long as you have the peloton treadmill.

And just like with the bike, cast workouts to the screen of your choice, since the screen holder on the bike is not flexible, and enjoy the off-tread workouts to the optimum.

Bottom Line

It is amazing how many people are using peloton. More than 1.4 million users are no joke, not to mention the numerous others sorting to use it in the near future. And with the pandemic forcing people to remain indoors, peloton is one of the major options that people have turned to.

But is the subscription proving too expensive for you? Why not get the peloton bike or tread, and you will get unlimited access to the peloton workout archives? Can you use peloton bike without subscription, or can you use peloton tread without subscription? Of course, you can.

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