How to Get Peloton on TV? It’s Easy to Stream!

How to Get Peloton on TV

How to stream peloton app to TV? Did you know that you can have a family bonding time using peloton workouts? The better news is that you don’t have to own a peloton bike. And, how better to have a screaming view for everyone in the house than to use the largest screen available, the television?

Or you probably have the bike, but want to immerse yourself in other non-bike workouts. It will obviously be straining to get a vivid view from the touchscreen. Why not stream the workouts from the TV?

Let’s indulge into the specifics of participating in this adventure;

How to Connect Peloton to TV

With the growth in technology, you have the opportunity to get peloton app on TV. Whether your TV is Apple, Android or just a smart TV, Peloton got you covered.

Actually, you can even stream peloton directly from the web to your TV. If you own a Fire TV, just ask Alexa to open the app for you.

So, today we are going to tackle how to get peloton on TV, in specific guides for some specific models. Belt up and let’s get the show on the road;

How to Get Peloton App on Samsung TV

Samsung TV neither uses Android nor iOS operating systems, so you cannot use either store to get to peloton. Does this mean you will not watch peloton directly from Samsung TV? Absolutely not!

You can download the peloton app on the Samsung TV, and just as successfully as users with Apple, Android and Fire TVs. But how do you do this without going through the trial and error hustle?

How to Download Peloton App on Samsung Smart TV?

Here’s a comprehensive yet simplified guide on how you will successfully download the peloton app on Samsung TV.

Step 1: Get Peloton App Directly from the Internet

Click on the home button, which is on your Samsung TV screen. An array of apps will appear, including Netflix, Hulu and other apps that you have saved. Scroll down until you get to your smart TV browser. In Samsung, it is usually indicated by ‘Internet’.

Click on it to get the browser on. Type in in the URL option. Alternatively, you can simply type peloton digital app.

Step 2: Log in/ Register to the Peloton App

Do you already have a peloton account? Select ‘log in’, which conspicuously displays on your TV. If not, you can register a new account, using your email.

Enter your payment method, and activate the account by allowing for a payment of $12.99.

Step 3: Choose a Class

You now have access to all of peloton workouts, whether on-demand or live. Choose the class you are interested in. If you have a bike and wanted to stream other classes, you won’t even have to pay for the app. It is free for you, so just get your yoga, running and other sets of classes.

Now you can enjoy limitless access to peloton workouts on your Samsung TV. Actually, you can use this process with any other smart TV besides Samsung.

How to Connect Peloton on Apple TV

If you are an Apple TV user, then your method of accessing peloton via tv is even more simplified. Reason? You can get the peloton app from the Apple store. There are two methods you can get peloton on TV, the being;

  • Streaming the peloton app to the tv from iOS device.
  • Downloading the peloton app directly to the TV.

So now, why not dive into the details?

How to Download the Peloton App on Apple TV

This is actually the most recent invention of peloton app on TVs. Previously, it was only possible to get the peloton app on Apple TV by streaming it from the iPhone or iPad. Now that the app is available on the Apple TV store, why not make use of the privilege?

Step 1: Go to the Apple Store on your TV

Using your Apple TV remote, go to the Apple Store. Available will be numerous apps that the store supports. Hit the search button, and write the word ‘peloton’. The app will appear. Alternatively, just scroll down the apps until you get to the peloton app. Click on the app.

Step 2: Download the Peloton App

Downloading the peloton app from the Apple store is free. Download it to your Apple TV. Once you are done with the download, continue with the Peloton app setup.

Step 3: Log in to the Peloton App

If you already have a peloton account, log in with your details. If not, registration is free and fast. Feed your details as requested. As a new user, you will even get a free subscription for the first month.

You have access to all peloton workouts at this point. Do you want yoga, cycling, running or walking, to mention but a few? This is your opportunity to explore the world of workouts.

Step 4: Join a Peloton Class

You can now join your class of choice. Even the live classes are 24/7, so you don’t have to change your schedule. The classes will fit in your schedule.

You definitely cannot share the peloton digital app membership, but streaming the app on TV gives the whole family an opportunity to work out with you.

How to Stream Peloton App to Apple TV?

With the Apple TV, there are several limitations that are not on iOS devices such as the iPhone, Apple Laptop and iPad. These include the ability to connect the heart rate monitor to the peloton app.

So, if you want these extra services yet want to view Peloton using the TV, you can stream the app to tv from the devices.

Your TV should however have Chromecast. Alternatively, a Chromecast dongle will do the trick.

Step 1: Download the Peloton App to iOS Device

You will first need to download the peloton app to your iOS device. Open the app to start off.

Step 2: Log in to Peloton

Log in to peloton, or register your details if you are new to the app. Pay the subscription, which is only $12.99 per month. If you are a new user, as tipped earlier, your first month subscription will be free.

Step 3: Select a Class

Join the class that you prefer most among the thousands available, either on-demand or live.

Step 4: Send the Video to the Apple TV

Now you can select the video of the workout class you joined. Select your Apple TV among the many device options you will have. Now you can stream peloton via the Apple TV.

You can also Airplay the peloton class of your choice from the iOS device to your Apple TV.

Is There a Difference Between Peloton Digital App Membership and All Access Membership?

A common question among the peloton users, the answer is yes, there is a difference between Peloton Digital App membership and All Access membership. Let’s have a look at these differences.

  1. Cost; the peloton Digital App membership costs $12.99 per month for every user. On the other hand, the peloton All Access membership costs $39 per month.
  2. Features; the digital app users cannot have their metrics posted on the peloton app. Also, they are limited to interact with other peloton users, even their friends. They can only view but not interact.

All access membership allows you to interact with friends and like users. Your metrics will also be posted, so you can compete on the leaderboard.

  • Bike Ownership; with the All Access membership, you have to own the bike and the peloton touchscreen. As for the digital app members, the bike and touchscreen are not necessary. You can use android, Apple, Fire and even smart devices for direct access from the web.
  • Access to the Peloton App; if you are a digital app user, then you have to pay for the app, so that you can have access to any peloton class. The $12.99 is a compulsory subscription. With the All Access membership, you can decide not to pay for the monthly subscription. You will lose the live classes and peloton community interaction, but you will still have access to the peloton workout archives.

Nevertheless, with either subscription, all the users will have access to the live classes, a peloton instructor of their choice and on-demand workout classes.

Also, you can stream peloton to TV either from your other devices or even from the peloton touchscreen using Miracast. The technology allows you to cast classes from one screen to another.

Parting Shot

I hope you already got the peloton app on TV, or if not, on your way. It is as simple as less than 10 steps with any kind of TV. So, now it is up to you to make the best out of your peloton workouts.

How to stream peloton app to TV? Or do you want to get the peloton app directly on TV? Both answers are right above you, simply follow the steps that favor your TV situation and preference.

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