Delta Vs. SPD; Which Is The Best for Power Transfer?

Delta Vs. SPD

Delta and SPD cleats are among the most commonly used cleats in the world of biking and spinning. Unfortunately, the two systems are incompatible. Therefore, you have to choose between using Look Delta and SPD cleats. Nevertheless, in most cases, the type of pedals on your bike will determine the cleats you will pick. 

SPD is a favorite for MTB and everything from recreational riding to commuting. SPD pedals are also great for spinning classes!

LOOK DELTA (also known as DELTA, LOOK). Most used on Peloton bikes and also used for road biking.

The most apparent difference between the two cleat systems is that Delta uses a three-hole cleat feature, while the SPD system uses a two-hole cleat feature. Let’s get on to the similarities and differences between Delta and SPD Cleats to understand the two better;

Similarities Between Delta and SPD Cleats

While there are significant differences between the two cleat systems, you will be surprised to learn that they also share some similarities;

1. They are used on Clipless Pedals

There are two main categories of pedals, flat and clipless pedals. Both Delta and SPD cleats work with clipless pedals. 

If you want to change your flat pedals for the clipless pedals, you can choose between the type of cleats you want to use. SPD and Look Delta are among the typical choices you come across.

2. Suitable for Dual Pedals

The best part about being typical is that a product is easily considered. In most cases, pedals that allow for at least dual compatibility will be excellent for SPD and Look Delta cleats. This is because most bikes come with pedals of either system, especially the spinning and road bikes.

Differences Between SPD and Delta Cleats

As we have mentioned, Delta and SPD cleats cannot be interchanged. Let’s take a view at the reasons behind this incompatibility;

1. The Number of Cleat Holes

Delta cleats come with three holes, which form a triangular shape of the cleats. On the other hand, SPD cleats have two holes, which give the cleats a narrow oval shape.

This difference in holes is the main reason that the two cleat systems are incompatible.

2. SPD Cleats Can be Recessed

True, both Delta and SPD cleats can protrude, prevent walking and be a pain even if you attempt to leave the pedals. However, they also make a disturbing noise and let’s not forget that walking in cycling shoes is quite risky and awkward.

Nevertheless, there are SPD cycling shoes that come with a recessed cleat area. Hence, you find it easier to walk in these shoes. Furthermore, it makes commuting in SPD recessed cleat shoes easier since you can cover short walking distances without changing shoes.

On the contrary, there are not yet Delta cleat shoes that come with a recessed cleat plate. Therefore, Look Delta remains secondary to SPD cleats if you want a walk in your cycling shoes.

3. Delta Cleats are Primary for peloton Bikes

If you have a Peloton bike, you will definitely need the Delta cleats for the pedals that come with the bike. After all, it is necessary to maintain the pedals if you want your warranty on the bike to remain valid.

However, if you really cannot do without your SPD shoes, you can always swipe the pedals for SPD pedals. Or dual pedals that can accommodate both Delta and SPD cleats. But remember that this comes at the cost of your Peloton bike warranty.

4. SPD Cleats are More Common in Spinning Bike Studios

While Look Delta cleats are more popular with the peloton riders, SPD cleats top in other spinning studios. 

If you have a spinning class in your town, you will most likely use these Shimano cleats. Actually, this is a major reason people who spin in studios and have a Peloton choose to switch pedals.

5. Power Transfer

Power transfer in cycling ensures that the pedals handle the excess strength you should bring into cycling. It makes it easier to pedal so that you cycle faster and over more extended periods.

Delta cleats tend to offer more power transfer compared to the SPD cleats. Not necessarily because the cleats are better, but also because of the type of outsole that each cleat fits into. All Delta shoes will come with a rigid or semi-rigid sole, ruling out walking but enhancing power transfer by significant margins.

Can You Switch Delta for SPD Cleats?

No, you can’t. You will either need SPD or Look Delta cleats, but nothing in between. However, if you have dual-cleat shoes that accommodate both two and three-hole cleats, they may be suitable for Delta and SPD.

Final Thoughts

Look, Delta Vs. SPD cleats? The cleats are so different yet manage a couple of similarities.  And which of the two cleat systems is better? Of course, the better cleat system will depend on the purpose you use with the cleats.

If you want a competitive road bike venture, Delta is best. However, when you want commuting cleats, SPD will work great for you.

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