Best Peloton Compatible Shoes for both Men & Women: Look Delta Shoes

peloton compatible shoes

Peloton made the revolution in the case of the indoor cycling session. I must say as a peloton lover, Instructors like Robin, Kody made the online classes more joyful. However, if you have questions like; What shoes are compatible with peloton? Or What shoes will work with peloton? Other than peloton brand shoes. I suggest you to go through this article. It’s only 3 minutes read.

what shoes can you use with peloton bike? Shoes compatible with peloton have to be designed in Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat system, so as to clip into the peloton stock pedals. Therefore, all peloton compatible shoes have to display a three-hole cleat plate.

Below is a collection of gender-specific best shoes for Peloton bike for men and women, which have been proven great with peloton bikes.

Best Peloton Compatible Shoes

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every best peloton bike shoes by scrolling down.

Best Women’s Shoes for Peloton Bike

Best Men’s Shoes for Peloton Bike

Let’s start with the full peloton cycling shoes review:

1. Venzo Women’s or Men’s Cycling Shoes – Best Peloton Bike ShoesSPD & Look Delta

The Taiwan made shoes are compatible with a variety of cleat types. These include Look Delta, which guarantee peloton compatibility & perfect peloton bike shoes.

The shoes have an upper breathable design, assured by the mesh and synthetic material mix. The lining and removable sock liner, made of textile material, prevent sweat and heat build-up.

The sole has a flexible forefoot, which enables walking to your sporting room.

The pair comes with Look Delta cleats, completing your peloton class. The cleats have a float level of 9 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about knee joint pains. The cleats are durable, having been made of quality heavy duty thermoplastic material.


  •  Mesh and synthetic composite for the upper shoe material, hence aeration.
  • The package contains an additional pair of Look Delta cleats, ideal for peloton biking.
  • Removable sock liner and textile lining to curb sweat and provide comfort.


  • The sole is not completely stiff, hence power transfer not maximized.

2. Tommaso Pista Women’s Spining Shoe – Best Shoes for Peloton Bike (Look Delta, SPD)

Get this versatile shoe in an array of colors, including black/ pink, black/ blue and pure white. Versatile I said? Yes, this unique pair has a dual cleat system. This means that you will not only use it for peloton, but also with other spin classes with other types of cleat systems.

Additionally, the shoes package come with Look Delta cleats, which are good for peloton cycling. You will be saved from buying cleats separately.

The shoes are made with feet comfort in mind. The upper side has sufficient padding, while the mesh design provides for breathability. It has a precision heel cup, which is meant to keep you foot in position throughout the rides. The Velcro straps give you the freedom to decide on the tightness of the shoe as per your comfort.

The shoes are durable. They are made from synthetic leather on the upper shoe. The sole is a fiberglass composite, hence stiff enough. This will provide you with power transfer from feet to pedals, hence a faster workout.

  • Dual cleat system, hence a single pair used with various types of cleats.
  • Comes with Look Delta cleats, a great gift for your peloton cycling.
  • Efficiency in power transfer, given the reinforced fiberglass that enhances sole stiffness.
  • Comfortable. They have sufficient padding to protect the feet and Velcro straps for security and comfort besides a precision heel cup.
  • The sizing runs a size smaller for most people, hence requires care in size selection.

3. Giro Women’s Road Bike Shoes – Best Spin Shoes for Peloton Bike

The Giro biking shoes offer three color selections; black, silver white and titanium glacier (grey). The sizes run from 36 to 43. The cleat plate design allows for multiple types of cleats, since it is universal. You can either use two or three-hole cleats. The three-hole system accommodated is Look Delta, which is suitable for Peloton.

The shoes are made for a perfect foot hug and fit. The three Velcro straps give it an ergonomic design that ensures foot safety and comfort.

The sole, made of versatile nylon, allows you to use the shoe on your peloton as well as on a road bike.

Giro women’s cycling shoes offer you the comfort that you deserve while spinning. The inner lining and inner sole prevent sweat build-up. The molded Eva footbed enhances foot stability in a ride.


  • 2 and 3-hole cleat plate. You have the option to either use Look Delta or SPD cleats for your preferred class.
  • Velcro straps closure system, providing the foot with a great fit while allowing for adjustment.
  • Textile inner sole and lining, which absorbs sweat and leaves the foot dry during the intensive workouts.


  • The sole is not very stiff, hence sufficient power transfer not guaranteed in spinning.

4. Pearl Izumi Women’s Shoe – Bike Shoes for Peloton with Look delta & Spd Option

These peloton compatible shoes are an advancement of P.R.O leader v4, so you can expect a better version. Get it in either black or white/ grey colors.

The cleat plate allows for all three-hole cleats, hence suitable bike shoes for peloton.

The nylon under sole has been re-engineered to bring out better stiffness for power transfer convenience. The upper shoe, made from a blend of textile and synthetic material, provides a fully bonded 3-layer cover for your feet comfort. Likewise, the layers are designed to provide for breathability, giving your feet the perfect breeze for a peloton ride.

The shaft is designed to measure low-top, hence stability. The three anatomic straps for closure increase the comfort your feet deserve, eliminating the chances of hot spots.


  • The shaft measurement is low-top starting form the arch, providing your feet with stability and safety.
  • Universal cleat system, hence used for several different spinning classes without a change.
  • Stiffer outer sole compared to its predecessor version, providing better power transfer from the feet to the pedals. This leads to performance improvement, as you spin faster and longer.
  • Three layers of upper material that not only provide for comfort, but also designed to allow aeration.


  • Too narrow for wider feet.

5. Tommaso Strada 100 – Dual Cleat Perfect Peloton Cycling Shoes [Men’s]

Tommaso Strada fits both 2 and 3-hole cleats of most systems including SPD-SL, Shimano SPD, Look and SpeedPlay, hence versatile that perfect for peloton cycling shoes. You can use the shoes for spinning, indoor cycling, mountain biking and track cycling.

For your peloton biking, you will choose a bundle that comes with free Look Delta cleats.

The sole is reinforced with fiberglass, which optimizes power transfer. The stiffer the sole, the better and easier, hence motivating, your spinning will be.

The upper shoe material is synthetic leather, hence durable. Moreover, the upper material has some mesh design to ensure breathability. This prevents heat build-up during the exercises.

The closure system is provided by a hook and lock Velcro straps, assuring you of an ergonomic fit as a safety measure.

The reflective stripper on the heel cup is essential during low lights, providing you with safety.


  • Versatile, fitting in most cleat systems in both two and three-hole designs.
  • Provides a hook and lock Velcro system closure, which assures you of safety.
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole, optimizing power transfer through due to the sole stiffness.
  • Added Look Delta cleats come with the package, which is advantageous to the user.


  • The cleat area is not recessed, hence not for walking, even when the bike is in your house.

6. Venzo Men, Women’s – Best Cycling Shoes for Peloton Compatible with SPD,Delta & KEO

These shoes are compatible with several cleat systems, including look delta, hence peloton compatible. They are awesome for spinning and also track cycling. Therefore, you can commute in them after your peloton class.

The pair comes with a pair of Xpedo pedals, which are compatible with peloton bikes whenever you need a replacement. Additionally, the package consists of Look Delta cleats for your peloton spinning.

The shoes are made of a synthetic and mesh composite upper material, hence breathable and dries fast from sweat. The lining and sock liner, made of textile, absorb sweat and provide your feet with comfort.

The stiff sole provides the recommended power transfer in cycling and spinning.

The sleek low-cut design gives the shoe a light weight, adding to its convenience. The closure system consists of laces and a strap, allowing your foot a good fit and security during the exercises.


  • Compatible with Look Delta, SPD-SL, Crank Brother and SpeedPlay and SPD. Use it in a variety of classes, and also for indoor and road cycling.
  •  Made for extensive breathability, hence feet free from heat and sweat discomfort.
  • Additional pedals and cleats in the package., both of which are compatible with peloton bikes.
  • Sweat absorption guaranteed by a textile sock liner and inner shoe lining.


  • The wheel knob system of the closure can easily break.

7. Pearl Izumi – Men’s Select Road V5 Cycling Shoes That Fit Peloton Bike

This is an advanced model of Pearl iZumi v4 version. An advancement will always mean a better item. The shoe is compatible with three-hole and 2-hole cleat systems.  Thus, peloton workouts are included.

The shoe measures low-top, that is, from the arch, providing you with ample stability. Likewise, the Eva foam footbed and rubber heel provides stability and allows you to walk in the cycling shoes.

The synthetic inner sole is designed to provide foot alleviation, besides absorbing sweat.

The upper shoe is made of three layers, which are made to provide aeration, reduce instances of hot spots and improve your performance on the bike.

The select 1:1 power plate is reinforced with a nylon forefoot, allowing for the cycling stiffness and also walking comfort.

You will be able to use the shoe for spinning, indoor cycling and also road cycling, so you don’t necessarily need an extra pair.


  • Its upper part maximizes breathability, providing aeration and comfort of the feet.
  • Versatility, as you can use the bike shoes for peloton spinning and outdoor cycling.
  • Cleat versatility. Accommodates multiple cleat systems, both in 3-hole and 2-hole designs.


  • It is medium size, hence unsuitable for wide and large feet.

8. Santic Men’s Cycling Shoes – Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Also Use on Road

These Santic brand cycling shoes compatible with peloton, given their universal cleat plate system. You will easily spin with them, and still use the pair for your road trip. The size is medium, which is (B, M) F.

The upper material is made of PU, which enhances feet breathability. Likewise, the TPR synthetic material provides for breathability, while absorbing sweat and moisture from the feet. The anti-slip inner lining ensures your feet remain in position during your highly intense workout.

Into the bargain is the awesome closure system, which is a blend between Velcro straps and a precision buckle. The two ensure an ergonomic fit for safety and comfort.


  • Versatile, as you can use both 2 and 3-hole cleats and on any pedal design.
  • Highly breathable, being made of PU upper shoe material.
  • Strong Velcro straps that ensure a tight foot hug, in addition to a precision buckle for foot security.
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor cycling.


  • Run a size smaller, which is not included in the size chart.

Things to Consider When Buying Peloton Compatible Shoes


Durable shoes are always quality shoes. You need bike shoes for peloton that will last you longer on your peloton, right? Get shoes that have a reputation of durability, in addition to an obvious durable material.


There are peloton bike shoes for men and women, and the sizes vary. Men’s shoes are larger and wider in comparison to women’s shoes. Women’s shoes may also contain some element of femininity, such as in design and color. You have to check the design and sizing of your shoes before making an order.


You may want peloton bike shoes that will also be used to commute and road cycling workouts. On the contrary, you probably want shoes that are specifically for spinning and indoor cycling. You must take this into account when buying peloton cycling shoes. This will help you get the best of the shoes for your specific requirements.


Ensure you get yourself a pair that provides for aeration. This is seen through the upper material. Spinning and cycling on peloton takes a toll of your energy, hence obvious sweating and heat build-up. A shoe that will curb this discomfort will give you better service.


For peloton cycling shoes, you will need the shoe with the highest rating in stiffness. This is meant to ensure that power transfer from feet to pedals is guaranteed. With optimal power transfer, you will not be easily fatigued, hence longer and faster cycling workouts. This translates to better performance.


There are cycling shoes that come with pedals or cleats. These additional pairs in your package go a long way into saving you extra costs.


Go for the best shoe within your budget limit. You will always get a perfect pair, especially given the competition between brands.


Do you need special shoes for Peloton?

Yes, you do. Shoes that are specific for peloton riding will optimize your performance, offering the required power transfer and protecting you from injury and accident.

Can you use any spin shoes on a Peloton?

No, you can’t. You will need spin shoes that are either in Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat designs. Only these two cleats are suitable for peloton stock pedals. Or you will need to switch the pedals according to your desired shoes.

Can I wear sneakers on a peloton bike?

Yes, you can. You need to buy toe clips to use on your peloton bike whenever you want to use sneakers. Toe clips will provide you with the safety you need on flat pedals.

Final Word

By reading this article, Hope you already have a clear perception about best peloton compatible shoes and how to choose it. Again, You do not have to use necessarily peloton brand shoes, You can also use any other brand shoes you like, as long as it accommodates Look Delta and SPD-SL cleat system. Thanks for reading.

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